The best time of my life

  • Noora
    Norway Published: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

    The best time of my life


    The journey from and back to Kathmandu was extremely long but the owner of the company, Shiva, made it wonderful, the best road trip of my life. Those views were breath taking. Once we arrived to the local villages everyone were there to welcoming us. The hospitality was indescribable and we got to taste the real local food. I would highly recommend to everyone who want to visit the local villages in the mountains without another tourist, for example I was the first person from Finland visiting that area and same goes to my step dad from Norway. You get to see how the locals live and the hikes around that area are wonderful too. There are many natural pools where you can have a swim. If you want so after visiting the village you can do a few days hike up to Lukla and even continue all the way to Mount Everest base camp. I think that is my plan for the next years trip (anyone interested to join?) with High Spirit Treks, because even this was my first hike with them I am sure it was not the last!

    Once more thank you so much High Spirit Treks for the hike and visit the local villages and schools in Mukli, Solukhumbu district.

    The owner of High Spirit Treks is wonderful hiking partner. You will not hike a single step without laughing when he is around. He always has your back sometimes your bag as well and he is there all the time for you. You can even lean on him!