Italy  and High Spirit Treks organizes and promotes many tours, suitable for any kind of tourist, hikers or trained climbers. High Spirit Treks is one of the best tourism agency recognized and approved by the Department of Tourism as well as authorized by the Nepal For many of us, this is a unique experience in life, and the dream of every hiker too. WHY TREK IN NEPAL If you have any time and looking best dentations to trek then don't miss the opportunity to leave city and see the spectacular beauty and the unique, natural beauty panoramic Himalayas and culture of Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is one of the most beautifully and culturally rich experiences in the south Asia, Trek through remotely cultural villages situated in the foothills of the mountains and travel to far-off destinations at awesome valleys and regions. We have Itineraries for most exotic and amazing destinations of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan many more. Well planned trekking to undiscovered or off the beaten trekking trails of Nepal to make your trekking experience most memorable as possible. Is run by experienced local group of trekking Leader, guides who’s on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. It is a great opportunity for me to approach the world of trekking in Asia, with the same passion I have for the Dolomites, and also it represent for me the opportunity to help Italian and European hikers in all the preliminary activities and For many of us, this is a unique experience in life, and the dream of every hiker too. You will soon find the first treks published here, I will help you for any information and support for your choice. Stay tuned!!!

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